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Stepping up to help a couple that couldn’t step out because of COVID-19

It’s a situation I come across frequently in my line of work: an elderly couple planned a nice vacation to an exotic location, then COVID-19 hit and they couldn’t get their money back. The pandemic disrupted a lot of plans. People couldn’t take the trips they wanted, do the things they hoped to do, or had to hold back because of the threat of getting sick from this terrible disease. In some cases, they couldn’t get their hard-earned money back after canceling their plans. […]

  • Problems Solved, Inc.

Caregivers Are Our Heroes

Steve “the Hurricane” Weiss shares great tips on caregiver retention. He starts with some very basic and actionable suggestions like adjusting your attitude to love your caregivers, speaking in the language of “shifts” and making sure that new caregivers get a lot of supervision. But then the magic comes where Steve shares some great ideas regarding career paths and puts important metrics around the benefits of retention. […]

  • Problems Solved, Inc.

‘Problems Solved’ for Seniors and Boomers Launches in New England

I thought about starting my company, Problems Solved, when my father died, and all the financial issues, healthcare issues, and daily problems for my mother began. My mom was 85 at the time, living alone and eventually moving to an assisted living facility. When my dad was terminally ill with lung cancer, he told me, “Nancy, I’ve handled everything in our household— from paying bills to car repairs, to choosing our insurance, all of it. Your mother is going to need your help.” […]