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Areas of Expertise.


We’ve helped clients resolve medical bill disputes and medical insurance discrepancies.

Car Insurance

Have an accident claim? We can help deal with your insurance company.

Real Estate

Renters and homeowners need someone on their side.


Problems arising with overbilling, poor customer service, retail stores and companies in the cable, wireless arena-we can work to resolve financial problems.

Elder Care

From assisted living to eldercare negligence-estate issues, we address problems involving “boomers” and seniors-we will advocate for you, your friend or loved one.


Travel related issues for cruises, trips abroad etc. are abundant with the current pandemic-we will assist with cancellations & deposits etc.

Stepping up to help a couple that couldn’t step out because of COVID-19

It’s a situation I come across frequently in my line of work: an elderly couple planned a nice vacation to an exotic location, then COVID-19 hit and they couldn’t get their money back. The pandemic disrupted a lot of plans. People couldn’t take the trips they wanted, do the things they hoped to do, or had to hold back because of the threat of getting sick from this terrible disease. In some cases, they couldn’t get their hard-earned money back after canceling their plans. […]

Success Stories.

Discover how we have helped some of our clients get the best results out of their dispute.

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