Highly Recommended!

Big shout out for Problems Solved-Late last year like so many others my family and I had to curtail some travel plans due to COVID. I thought we had a good argument for getting some of our travel expenses refunded, but I couldn’t break through corporate bureaucracy. Enter Problems Solved! After a very efficient process for gathering my months old information. Within days they got me a significant refund.

Francis R.

Claim Settled

Please consider hiring Nancy if you need help in collecting a claim that requires getting expedient results. I was frustrated with a Fortune 500 company that was making me chase numerous so called customer relationship representatives. I hired Nancy and within one week I had a $21k claim check in my hand. Nancy was able to reach high level decision makers that fought through the red tape and false promises. My case was not clear cut and with Nancy’s expertise, she was able to paint a picture of my case and stop the nonsense.
Thank you again Problem Solved.

B.G. from West Palm Beach

Defective Furniture Replaced

We purchased two recliners($3500) from a furniture store. One of the recliners was dropped and damaged prior to delivery. The maintenance team came to our house and replacd parts of the leather recliner and frame. A few months later the recliner would not recline and a bolt and washer fell out. The furniture store wanted to just fix again the damaged recliner and reinforced their policy. With Problem’s Solved help and intervention we were able to secure a commitment for a new recliner scheduled for delivery later this year to replace the damaged recliner.


Heart Attack and Missed Escrow Payments

In the 2012 housing financial crisis, I fell behind in my mortgage payments due to a heart attack and huge hospital bills. I was approved for a loan modification program for a fixed monthly payment going forward with one of the world’s largest financial institutions. Escrow increased due to property taxes and monthly payments of course increased. The mortgage company never sent me the increased notification causing the monthly payment to increase. I continued to make the monthly payments agreed upon. After completion of the situation program, I was told I still owed escrow shortages. The bank reported late and missed payments for this error. Problems Solved stepped in and contacted the President of the bank’s residential loans, explained the entire situation and the result was they cleared the missed payments with the credit bureaus and waived the escrow shortage.

Daniel W.

Cruise deposit & insurance refund

Myself and a friend booked a cruise and insurance for the cruise. The cruise company refused to refund our deposits as well as the money for the insurance policy stating that it was not illness that made us cancel. I called Nancy Muckle who was able to get the deposit and the cost of the insurance refunded to us within 10 days! We’re so grateful to Prob Solved!


Damaged Tiled Roof from a Senior on a Fixed Income

For over a year, I had been trying to get my insurance company to pay for a damaged tiled roof on the townhouse I had purchased 3 years ago in South Carolina.The insurance company offered me $2700 at the beginning-As a senior with a fixed income, I needed help. With the assistance of Problems Solved and their persistence and ability to strategize and get all the facts, I was able to recover over $62,000 from the insurance company.

Lois V.