College Student, passenger
(seatbelt fastened) with two friends …

The pre-med student calls Problem Solved-after multiple calls and discussion. The college student who missed many classes and exams is paid $8000 by insurance company.

  • The student was paid $8,000 by the insurance company.

Healthcare Problem

Worked with the hospital representatives and insurance company paid 95% of the bill.

Real Estate Problem
1 Month Paid to Client

A Property Management Problem: Renter was wrongly accused of $5,000 in damage to a common area of a luxury apartment building after a holiday dinner gathering. The renter was handed a bill for the damage and told they would be evicted in 10 days. The renter tried multiple times to contact all management and resolve the issue (as the common area had many residents visiting that evening), but no progress was made. Problems Solved was called.

  • Our client was given a formal apology
  • The $5,000 bill and threat of eviction was rescinded immediately
  • One month of free rent was provided

Elder Care
$7,000 Monthly Rent Saved

An elderly woman (95 years young) in an upscale Assisted Living Apartment Building is being visited by daughter on a weekend. A nurse knocks at the apartment door with medication for the senior tenant-luckily the woman’s daughter asks a question to the nurse-turns out the medication was for a woman with a different name; the nurse mentioned the woman had just gotten out of the hospital. Wrong woman-if daughter had not been visiting, dire outcome could have happened to senior (not intended for medication) apartment tenant

  • Director of Nursing at the Assisted Living Building is contacted. It was discovered that she was new to the job.

  • Senior Management of the facility is contacted and provided details
  • The Director of Nursing is fired and elderly woman is moved out of the facility by her daughter

Car Insurance Problem
$8,000 Paid To Injured College Student

College student in a car with 2 friends is rear ended, resulting in 3 weeks of missed exams and classes, due to a serious concussion. The car that was rear ended is declared totaled. The insurance company pays out $12,000 to one of the students for the totaled car. The day after the accident, the leading national insurance company, whose client caused the accident, attempts to settle with the injured passenger for $500, to close out the claim. The student calls Problems Solved.

Vendor Problem
$3,500 Value Given to Client

An elderly woman (89 years young) eats in a retail store restaurant and becomes violently ill. The only request from the woman is to get her clothes professionally dry cleaned. Problems Solved was called.

  • Our client receives her outfit dry cleaned at no charge.
  • Invited to select any 3 outfits in the store (retail value $3,000)
  • Receives a $500 flower arrangement at her home.
  • Future purchases our client makes will be delivered to her home via company car, at no charge.

Hospitality Problem
$1,000 and 3,000 Miles Paid to Client

Leased Luxury Car factories are shut down during the pandemic. Car Lessee can order or receive a new car for 4 months – the leased car is over mileage at .25/mile. General managers at car dealerships across the US state there is nothing that can be done re: mileage for the individual leasing the car. Problems Solved was called.

  • Our Client Receives 1000 miles/month – no charge until the new car is ordered, built and shipped.
  • Individual leasing the car – receives value total of 3000 no charge miles and $1000+.

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