The world is full of problems—or as I like to call them, opportunities. Inevitably, things will go wrong. Not everything goes as planned or expected. What shouldn’t be difficult, though, is getting those problems corrected—but all too often it is.

I started my business, Problems Solved ( to advocate for individuals and business owners and get results when problems occur and money owed is not returned.Financial compensation is the correct resolution for our clients. We have a group of expert advisors who are lawyers, doctors, nurses, professional negotiators who offer advice/input for our clients. Problem Segments include healthcare, insurance claims, vendors, eldercare, travel, medical billing and numerous other areas; the solution experts at Problems Solved are here to help. We operate on the simple premise that clear, concise and effective communication with corporate management results in money returned.

I have owned several highly successful companies and have spent 4 decades making sure problems were solved with expertise and perseverance. In the corporate hierarchy, getting results depend upon talking to the person who has the responsibility and authority to resolve the problem and approve a refund/check.That’s what Problems Solved is all about. We get to the heart of the problem and find that corporate manager/executive who can solve it. We work with individuals of all ages and businesses of all sizes to help resolve problems, most which involve the return of money.

My team and I get to the right contact to deal with an issue. Clients are amazed and pleased at how their problems are solved, especially if they been have been unsuccessful over many months or longer. By calmly explaining the details/facts to the executive who can approve payment within the organization,99% of problems are solved and money refunded! My team and I work with individuals and business owners. We have arranged for the return of sums from $750 to $200,000. Our payment? A small percentage of the recovered fees agreed to upfront with our client and the gratification of knowing we helped right a wrong. If the problem doesn’t get solved, we receive no compensation.