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How to get a refund for vacations, trips and weddings cancelled by covid

Planes, trains and automobiles. Oh, and hotels, cruises and events, too! So many vacations, trips and planned activities— including weddings and family gatherings—were impacted by the pandemic. So many deposits were lost on hotels, resorts, airlines, cruises, car rentals and more. Or were they? Maybe you didn’t consult the right people about getting your money back…

You Promised, You Delivered! I’m Forever grateful for you and Problems Solved

What are the three most feared words in the English language? In this day and age, “I’ve been hacked!” certainly ranks near the top of the list. Computer safety is a huge issue for all people, but especially people over the age of 50 and business owners who can be more vulnerable to hacks and scams. According to the FBI, $6.9 trillion was lost in 2021 to cybercrime with more than 800,000 individuals getting hacked.

Problems Solved helps get your money back

Where do you go when you have a problem you can’t solve? Problems Solved, of course. A new business in Plymouth is helping individuals and companies take care of those sticky situations that almost always involve money. The brainchild of Nancy Muckle, Problems Solved finds a way to broker a deal and get the cash back.

Stepping up to help a couple that couldn’t step out because of COVID-19

  • Problems Solved, Inc.

Problems Solved launched in MA

Nancy Muckle is a go-getter in every sense of the word. Her newest business venture, Problems Solved, does just as its name suggests. Designed to assist both individuals and businesses, the team of experts at Problems Solved handles issues with the expertise and perseverance required to get problems solved efficiently and effectively. […]