Problems Solved, Inc.

I thought about starting my company, Problems Solved, when my father died, and all the financial issues, healthcare issues, and daily problems for my mother began. My mom was 85 at the time, living alone and eventually moving to an assisted living facility. When my dad was terminally ill with lung cancer, he told me, “Nancy, I’ve handled everything in our household— from paying bills to car repairs, to choosing our insurance, all of it. Your mother is going to need your help.”

My mom lived another 13 years, and I helped her deal with a myriad of issues and solve many problems. That’s when I realized that if I could do it for her, I could do it for others, and Problems Solved was born.

I have been a business leader for 40 years with my own technology firm assisting global technology companies in healthcare, biotech and artificial intelligence with business development and revenue generation.

Everyone faces problems daily, and most individuals don’t have the time or expertise to fix them. My team and advisors at Problems Solved are Realtors, lawyers, contract negotiators, and experienced business executives who personally advocate for seniors. We have the knowledge and perseverance to get to the right people to resolve issues, and to recover money that seniors are owed.”

Some of the major problems we address are related to eldercare, healthcare, and insurance claims (health and auto), where money is owed to the individual or business owner. Many people (often seniors and baby boomers) also have problems with contractors or vendors and don’t get the service they were promised for the fee they were quoted. We also address disputes related to travel, i.e., cancelled cruises or hotel stays with lost deposits, particularly during the pandemic.

And there are other issues. For example, an elderly woman in an apartment on a campus-wide senior community was visited by her daughter on a weekend. A nurse knocked on the apartment door with medication for the senior. The problem was the medicine was not for the woman whose apartment door was knocked on, but for another resident in the building.

Weeks earlier, an aide had left a medical report on the same senior’s kitchen table that had another patient’s name on it. If the daughter had not been visiting her mom that day, the outcome could have been dire.

Problems Solved shared details of the incidents with senior management, and the director of nursing in the community (four months new to her position) was terminated. The daughter pulled her mother out of the senior apartment, saving her $7,000 a month, but most importantly, ensuring that her mom was safe. Problem solved!

Seniors and their families need help handling many obstacles that may arise in their lives. They often don’t know who to call or where to turn. That’s why we’re here. Call Problems Solved at any time to arrange a Zoom meeting or telephone call to discuss your situation.

Visit our website at or call Nancy at 781-258-9050 to talk about your problem, and how we can help you solve it.