Nancy Muckle is a go-getter in every sense of the word. Her newest business venture, Problems Solved, does just as its name suggests. Designed to assist both individuals and businesses, the team of experts at Problems Solved handles issues with the expertise and perseverance required to get problems solved efficiently and effectively.

How did Problems Solved come about?

At the start of her career, Nancy was hired at Digital Equipment Corporation despite not having a background in computers. “I had a personality and sales and business experience,” Nancy said. During her five year tenure, the com- pany taught her everything she needed to know about computers and managing people. Her newfound knowledge com- bined with her sales acumen resulted in tremendous success. Coincidentally, her move to the Pinehills in 2003 recon- nected her with her Digital roots — the company, at one point, owned the land where her home was built.

Subsequent to working at Digital, Nancy founded Muckle & Associates, a technology business that works with CEOs and board members all over the world. Muckle helps organizations first enter the market and then strategizes and develops partnerships with corporations and, in some cases, obtains capital from angels and venture capital firms. It’s more than consulting; Muckle provides action-oriented assistance and generates revenue for clients.

“I started from nothing and learned the technology business. I always had a selling background and figured out, by hook or by crook, how to be successful.”

Nancy has applied this same entrepreneurial drive to Problems Solved, which focuses on six areas of assistance:

  • Eldercare
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Residential
  • Automotive
  • Vendors (retail and contractors)

The team at Problems Solved includes realtors, contract negotiators, lawyers, and advisors who know all about getting to the right people to resolve issues and recover money. While Problems Solved employs legal experts, it does not provide legal assistance.

What the company does is negotiate the best possible deal for clients. For example, a recent client was rear- ended, and outwardly, the damage to the car appeared minimal. The adjuster wanted to settle immediately for a modest sum. However, the client later learned that not only was her car totaled, but she suffered a concussion from the accident, as well. Ultimately, Nancy negotiated a sum that was 16 times more than the adjuster’s original offer. “That’s what we do as a business,” says Nancy.

In today’s world, everyone has these types of issues — but what they don’t have is time. Nancy’s team meets clients by Zoom or phone. Unlike many firms, they do not require a retainer or high fees. Problems Solved takes a percentage of monies recovered — and they prioritize solving issues without resorting to legal action when possible.

“This idea has been in the back of my mind for over ten years. When my parents died, I was faced with so many difficult issues. These headaches crop into our daily lives, and there are many people out there who try to take advantage in these types of situations.”

Problems Solved will be working with clients in New England with the ultimate goal of providing national services. Nancy has outlined a very strategic roll-out for growth. A cottage industry, the only things that employ- ees need are a phone and a computer!