Steve “the Hurricane” Weiss shares great tips on caregiver retention. He starts with some very basic and actionable suggestions like adjusting your attitude to love your caregivers, speaking in the language of “shifts” and making sure that new caregivers get a lot of supervision. But then the magic comes where Steve shares some great ideas regarding career paths and puts important metrics around the benefits of retention.

Steve’s team is offering a top-notch program on caregiver recruiting and retention called Momentum. You can learn more and sign up at and get a $500 Discount with the code ANKOTA500.

As an added bonus, a friend of Ankota named Nancy Muckle tells us about her mom’s caregiver and the impact she’s had on their family. Nancy says that “home care heroes” doesn’t go far enough and that in her case, the caregivers are Angels.

Steve runs Hurricane Marketing Enterprises ( Steve and his team run boot camps and provide consulting services to help agencies to blow away their competition. To engage further with Steve, he recommends first that you check out all the free content that they’ve put on YouTube (search for “Steve the Hurricane.”) If you like what you see and want to learn more, please send email to [email protected]. They’ll give you a free initial consultation if you mention the podcast.

Nancy Muckle is a serial entrepreneur and a contracted sales executive who has helped many companies with sales, funding, strategy and more. Her latest venture is called “Problems Solved” ( where solving elder care issues is one of her specialties. We’ll invite her back to talk more about problem solving for seniors and their families.