It’s a situation I come across frequently in my line of work: an elderly couple planned a nice vacation to an exotic location, then COVID-19 hit and they couldn’t get their money back. The pandemic disrupted a lot of plans. People couldn’t take the trips they wanted, do the things they hoped to do, or had to hold back because of the threat of getting sick from this terrible disease. In some cases, they couldn’t get their hard-earned money back after canceling their plans.

That’s where I come in. As the owner of Problems Solved, I help correct these problems. Whether it is a big trip, health or elder care, car Stepping up to help a couple that couldn’t step out because of COVID-19 insurance, real estate or dealing with a contractor, I work to resolve these issues and get whatever finances involved returned.

With COVID-19, many deposits for cruises, airlines and hotel stays – not to mention weddings, bachelor parties and rehearsal dinners – were not returned. Most individuals made one call, didn’t find success and gave up, thereby losing the money.

These problems occur often in the everyday world. Misunderstandings, confusion or just inexperience are usually what prevent a company from resolving these issues and coming to terms with an upset customer.

Often, solving the problem depends on knowing who to go to. Finding the right manager or director is crucial in handling these situations. I’ve worked for decades in the corporate setting and know how the game is played. I have the contacts and understanding of business hierarchy to come up with a mutually agreeable solution. That’s what happened in this case. This senior couple from Massachusetts told me how they purchased two airline tickets to travel to their timeshare in Aruba. Then COVID-19 set in. Because of quarantining, they were going to have to stay an extra two weeks – but they had no accommodations!

The couple cancelled their plans but the airline refused to refund the money for the tickets. Due to their age, they said they wouldn’t be traveling anywhere outside the United States until the pandemic was over. They contacted me and asked if I could help. Problem solved! Within four days, the money was back in their credit card account. They were astounded!

At Problems Solved, we find a way to get your money back. If we agree to take your case, we will get results – or you pay nothing. It’s as simple as that. We’re not lawyers, but lawyers send us their clients who have problems that don’t require a lawyer. We find a way to resolve an issue through proper inquiries and polite discussion. Need a problem solved? Call me, Nancy Muckle of Problems Solved, at 781-258-9050. Visit my website at for details.